7 Essential Technique for Creating Amazing Panoramic Images

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7 Tips for Creating Amazing Panoramic Images


You just summited to the peak of a mountain or hiked to a beautiful outlook and want to create a panoramic image of the view; follow these tips to help you create a stunning panoramic view to show off your adventure.

Devils Knob Overlook PanoramaDevils Knob Overlook PanoramaDevils Knob Overlooks is a great spot to take image of the Blue Ridge Mountains at sunset. It has a Southwest View of Three Ridge Mountain and The Priest.

1. To create a panoramic image: first, you need a tripod and some type of head that will allow you to rotate the camera. Most tripods have a bubble level; make sure your tripod is level. 


2. Turn your camera vertically, and compose the middle part of the picture, making sure your horizon is level. 

Table Rock PanoTable Rock PanoThis is a 7 image pano of Table Rock in West Virginia.

3. Put your camera to Manual (M) mode, and dial in your camera settings.  It is important to be in (M) so your setting will not change as you rotate your camera to create the panoramic.  If you are not comfortable using (M), put your camera on aperture priority (A or Av).  Remember the setting, and then put your camera in (M) using those setting. 


4. Focus your lens, and then turn off auto focus.  This way your lens will not refocus as you are rotating your camera. 

Moormans River Overlook PanoMoormans River Overlook PanoMoormans River Overlook is located in the Southern District of Shenandoah National Park just off Skyline Drive. Moormans River Overlook faces due east making it ideal to watch the sunrises over the Blue Ridge Mountains.

5. Go to your start point, either all the way to the left or right, and take the first image. 


6. Rotate the camera to the the second image making sure you have at least 20% of the previous picture still in the frame for overlap.  Repeat until you have finished.  

Mount VesuviusMount Vesuvius

7. Upload your images to your computer and then select all of the pictures for the panorama. Open the selected pictures in a photo software program like Lightroom or Photoshop to create your panorama image.  The 20% overlap will help the software stitch time pictures together and give you your final image. 


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Photographing Shenandoah National Park


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